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Volunteer Fostering

We are always looking for volunteer fosterers to help us with the number of Poodle's that are handed in to us. We don't have kennels and rely on a team of wonderful fosterers to support the Poodles we take, so if you can help, find out more about what is involved and apply below.

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Being a fosterer is a wholesome and fulfilling opportunity to spend time working with a range of incredible animals, on a temporary to long-term basis, depending on their circumstances. 

We are in a unique situation where Covid, mixed with over-breeding during lockdown and now the cost of living crisis has perpetuated a perfect storm. We are inundated with the number of Poodles being handed in and are now unfortunately in a position where we need more fosterers to keep up with the demand on us.

We need your help now, so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer fosterer for us then find out more information and apply below.

What is Involved in Fostering?

So what exactly is involved in fostering for us? Here is a simple overview:

  • You'll be asked to take dogs, sometimes without much notice, other times with plenty of notice, all dependent on the circumstances.

  • Dogs may be placed with you on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on their situation.

  • You may be required to take the dogs for medical assessments and treatments based on their individual needs.

  • You may need to work on training with the dogs in your care, this includes house, obedience, or possibly agility depending on their needs.

  • You will need to care for the dog(s) in your care, including feeding, walking, and grooming. (We will cover the costs of grooming and food where applicable).

  • Love the dogs while they are in your care.

  • Support from us will be provided throughout.

What are we looking for?

So what requirements are we looking for from our fosterers? Here is a simple overview:

  • Firstly, you need to love Poodles.

  • Our fosterers need to be at home most of the time, and have a secure garden.

  • Be willing to spend time with the dogs, giving them plenty of love and attention. 

  • You'll need to be willing to work with the dogs to help socalise them and build their confidence, depending on their circumstances.

  • Be willing to take the dogs to the vets, grooming and training as required.

  • If you have your own pets, they must be non-reactive.

  • We do accept homes with children, but those children must be present at the time of the homecheck.

  • Allow us to complete a homecheck.

  • Fill in the application.

I Want to Foster

If you think you meet the requirements, and want to foster for us, then please fill in the form below to apply and send it back to us.

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