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Rehoming FAQ:

Rehoming your Poodle

In the case of an emergency drop-off, if you have found a Poodle, or if you know of a Poodle in need, please call our central number immediately on 0300 999 7685. We have volunteers across the UK who are here to help.

The Rehoming Process:

We understand it is not an easy decision to make as many of our pets are like family members, but sometimes circumstances change and this is the best or only option. Here at Poodle Network UK, we try to make this transition as easy as possible for you and your Poodle. We place our Poodles welfare at the forefront of everything we do; you can rest assured your Poodle will receive the highest quality care possible, whilst we look to find their perfect Forever Home.

Contact Us

If you are looking to rehome your Poodle, the first step is to talk to us. Every situation is different, so call us on 0300 999 7685 to discuss your situation and needs.


We have a team of highly trained fosterers throughout the UK. Depending on your situation, we can place your Poodle with one of them in a very short time.


Some Poodles require short or long term treatment. Each case is individual, some may be rehomed and continue their treatment, or remain in long term foster.


We have a choice of suitable homes which are all vetted thoroughly. We try to match to your dogs' environment to make it a smooth transition.

How soon can you take my dog?


We have a team of volunteers across the UK. Depending on your situation, we can take your Poodle at short notice. Call our team and we can discuss the next steps with you.



Will you take my dog if it's ill?


We do accept Poodles with health conditions.We've 
sucessfully rehabilitated and rehomed Poodles with life-long illnesses. All we ask is that your are honest, to help us find the best treatment.

Will you take a Poodle with issues?


Every situation is different, the best thing for everyone is for you to be honest about any behavioural issues. We can then put a plan in place that best suits the Poodles needs.



Can I visit my Poodle?


Unfortunately, no. Due to data protection, once a Poodle has been fostered or rehomed, we are unable to discolse their where abouts or contact information to you.

Will you take a Poodle who bites?


We will not put any of our volunteers in danger. Each situation is different. If your Poodle has bitten or is agressive, please let us know and we can decide the best plan of action for everyone.



Will you separate my Poodles?


Wherever possible we will try to keep Poodles together. However there are some situations where they require separation. We do not make those decisions lightly, but always do what's best for them.

How will I hand my Poodle to you?

We have a number of drop-off points throughout the UK. We can also arrange to meet at a more convenient location, but under no circumstances will this be at one of our Fosterers houses. For more information or to arrange a drop-off, please call us on 0300 999 7685 or email us at

I Want to Adopt

If you are looking to adopt a Poodle from us or want to find out more information on our rehoming process, visit here:

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