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Our vets bills average over £5000 a month, this is before the unexpected medical bills that come with some of the Poodles we rescue. Without your donations, we would not be able to carry out the work we do. Please donate today and help us to be able to help them.

How can I Donate?

There are a number of different ways you can donate to help us:


Set up a regular monthly donation or make a one-off payment.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Amazon Smile

If you shop on Amazon, you can go to for the same expereince. Here you are able to select a chairty of your choice and Amazon will donate 0.05% of your sale to us, at no extra cost to you!

Bank Transfer

Similarly to PayPal, you can donate one-off payments or arrange small, regular donations. Request our

set-up information below.


We accept donations via cheque. Email us to request where to send them to.


We run a regular auction on Facebook, with a variety of different items. They launch on a Tuesday and end on a Sunday. You can help by participating in the auction or donating items for us to sell.

Paypal Giving

Why not donate to us via our
Paypal Giving page?

How are my donations used?

Every single penny you donate goes to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Poodles. We help a number of Poodles who have both short term and long term health conditions, in some cases, they have life-long illnesses such as epilepsy or diabetes. If we rehome a Poodle and are aware of a pre-existing health condition, we pay for their treatment for life. In addition to this, we have Poodles who come to us with unexpected illnesses. Below are the stories of four of our Poodles. Simba and Copper came to us with life-threatening illnesses, while Humphrey and Bella suffer from long term health issues. Watch the videos to discover how your donations have helped them.

Simba and Copper's Story:

Humphrey and Bella's Story:

We have so many other stories to show how your donations have changed the life of a Poodle in need. Explore their stories below.

Our Volunteers

We have a team of dedicated volunteers throughout the UK. They are all unpaid, every single penny goes to the Poodles. We are always looking for more volunteers. We have a number of different positions you can volunteer for. If you are interested, click below to find out more information.

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