There are a number of different ways you can donate to us:​

Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon? Did you know if you shop at you will are given the opportunity to select a charity of your choice? By selecting Poodle Network UK, you will receive the same shopping experience, but Amazon will donate 0.05% of your sale to us, with no extra cost to you!


We accept donations via PayPal. These can be one-off payments, or you can set up regular monthly payments. 

Bank Transfer

Similarly to PayPal, you can donate one-off payments or arrange small, regular donations via bank transfer. For more information, please send us a message below and request our set-up information.


We accept cheque payments, for information on where to send your cheques to, please send us a message below. 


We run a weekly auction on Facebook, with a variety of different items. The items change each Tuesday, ending every Sunday. There are two ways you can help, one is to get involved and bid on items that take your fancy, the second is to donate any items you would like for us to auction. 100% of the proceeds to go Poodle Network UK.

Your donations help in so many ways:


As a Registered Charity, you know that your donations, gifts and legacies to Poodle Network UK will be used for the welfare of Poodles.

We keep our administration costs to the absolute minimum by using electronic modes of working wherever possible.

Our foster carers, home checkers and transporters are very generous but we believe that their time is more than enough of a donation (though a lot of them would disagree and generously donate far more than their time). However, as a matter of course, we provide food for the foster dogs from our food sponsors, Activul. We pay for mileage or fuel (depending on the wishes of the volunteer). We also cover all vet bills for the dogs in our care. We pay for flea and worm treatments, leads, collars, bedding and more. We do not have any paid volunteers or Trustees/Patrons.

In some circumstances where a dog has a pre-existing condition that we know of, and it is moved into its Forever Home, we have a commitment to paying for the dog's  medication for life. 

We undertake to move dogs swiftly, safely and efficiently into their Forever Homes. Our success rate is 99%.  

To do all of this we need money. We run facebook auctions, a buy it now page and raise funds on our main facebook page and our website.  Your donations of money and auction goods are extremely important to our work; we cannot provide the care and service we do without it.  We will make the most of any money you donate and you, in turn, will improve the lives of needy poodles. 

Thank you, from all of us here at Poodle Network UK.

Telephone: 0300 999 7685


Registered Charity Number 1163333

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