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Simba and Nala

Simba and Nala were a mum and 9-week old puppy, who came into the charity requiring urgent, life-saving medical treatment. Read their story below.

Simba and Nala came into the charity when Nala was two and Simba was only nine weeks old. It was feared Simba would not even manage the journey due to the severity of his heart condition.

Simba had a stage five of six heart murmur caused by a hole in his heart. His condition was extremely serious, it was clear without treatment he would not survive to be three months old. He was extremely weak and slept for twenty-plus hours a day. 

The only treatment was surgery to close the hole, but the timing was critical. This surgery was difficult and extremely risky on any Poodle, but especially so on Simba as he was a toy Poodle. His heart was incredibly small and it was a careful balancing act to let him grow big enough to perform the surgery, but not too big to risk his life further. 

At thirteen weeks old, Simba underwent surgery to fix the hole and we are pleased to announce it was a success! They managed to close the hole with no complications and his only challenge was to recover and find his forever home.

Once he had fully recovered, Simba and Nala were both moved to their new forever home, where we receive regular updates and are happy to say he has had no further complications and you would not know he nearly lost his life.

Without the donations we receive from you, his life-saving surgery would not have been an option. Please continue to donate and help us save more Poodles' lives.

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Simba is not the only Poodle we have had handed into us, with this heart condition, but not all of our stories have a happy ending.

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