A new, happy home


There are many reasons why circumstances change and dog owners get forced to give their loved pet up.  We try and assist you through this emotional period by providing the very highest level of rehoming service.  We have a choice of suitable homes we have vetted thoroughly and we will try and match your dogs environment if possible, to make it as smooth as possible.  Both for you and your dog.  We have  a network of thoroughly checked fosterers arround the country which we can move dogs to if they need to be homed urgently.  Please call us on 0300 999 7685 for further details.



When placing your pet in his new home, we take a lot of care to ensure it meets our exacting requirements - whether he needs to be an only pet, or prefers the company of other dogs; if he loves an active lifestyle or is happy to be a couch potato - all these factors will be carefully considered to ensure successful permanent rehoming.

Telephone: 0300 999 7685

Email: poodlenetworkuk@inbox.com

Registered Charity Number 1163333

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