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Mavis is one of nine Standard Poodles found in the Winchester area of Hampshire requiring emergency treatment. Read about her journey to recovery here.

In 2015, nine dogs were discovered, unable to walk or stand due to being covered in 12kg of matted fur. They were in such a dreadful state, it was impossible to identify their breed initially. 

The eight pups and their mum required immediate treatment to remove their hair a process which took vets three hours and required sedation.

Some of the Poodles required further treatment for their skin, and all were underweight and malnourished. Whilst Poodle Network UK did not treat these dogs, we did work incredibly hard to raise £5085.25 which was enough to cover the extensive vets' bills for all of their treatments.

Mavis (pictured) is one of these dogs. Due to the care received she has successfully recovered and is now thriving in her forever home. 

Without the wonderful donations we received, we would not have been able to fund the life-saving treatment of these Poodles. We were also honoured to be recognised by the Mayor of Winchester, Cllr Eileen Berry, for the contribution of all our donors, in February 2015, at a ceremony in Abbey House.

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