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We rescued a family of five Poodles in a terrible state, who all required urgent veterinary treatment. Read their story and how Poodle Network UK changed their lives.

In May 2018, we picked up a family of five- mum (18 months), dad (14 months) and three pups at 18 weeks old. The mum was bred on her first season and gave birth to five pups, sadly only three survived. 

When they arrived with us, all of the dogs required urgent medical treatment due to severe urine burns, infections and bruising along their tails and hind legs. They were all underweight, covered in water-proof grease and in desperate need of grooming. All three puppies suffered from skeletal abnormalities, which required on-going treatment to correct.

One of the puppies was so malnourished, we were unsure as to whether he would survive his first night in our care. He was so weak and underweight, and his burns were so severe and painful, he could not even sit or lie down. We named this puppy Humphrey.

With the help of our wonderful volunteers, along with time, care and healthy diets, all five of the Poodles survived and are thriving. Four of them have moved to their forever homes and are living happy and pain-free lives.

Humphrey is on long term foster with one of our team as he required additional treatment. Due to his malnourishment, Humphrey's recovery time took longer, and his skeletal abnormalities were more severe than the others. He required weekly hydrotherapy sessions to help realign his hips and spine and is continuing this treatment. Regardless, he is a very happy and loved Poodle who loves playing and having cuddles.

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