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Copper suffers from a stage five out of six heart murmur. He is on life long treatment, currently living out his days with one of our wonderful Fosterers. Read his story below.

At nine months old, Copper was handed into Poodle Network UK with a stage five of six heart murmur, caused by a hole in his heart. As a puppy, this hole is supposed to close itself naturally, but in some cases, this does not happen.

With timely treatment and surgery, the hole can be closed and they go on to live a normal life with little to no further complications. Sadly, in this instance, Copper did not receive the surgery in time and it was too late to close the hole when he came into our care.

When he first came to us, he was only expected to live for three months due to the severity of his condition. As a result, he could never be rehomed to his forever home and one of our extremely brave fosterers made the difficult decision to take him in on long-term foster.

He knows no different, so he doesn't understand why he isn't allowed to go for long walks, or his playing and exertion have to be monitored closely and sometimes limited. He sleeps for extended periods of time, and you can feel his heart 'swoosh' rather than beat.


Whilst he is currently doing well, he is teetering on a knife-edge, and it is incredibly difficult to predict how long Copper has. Copper is a very happy and cheeky pup but requires life-long, daily medication to try and control his condition. He also has regular checkups to monitor his heart. But these all come at a cost and without your donations, we would not be able to give Copper the best life possible- no matter how short it could be.

Watch his story

Copper is not the first Poodle we have had handed into us, with this heart condition. Watch his story here.

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