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Agria Pet Insurance Offer:

  • FIVE weeks free insurance with every dog Poodle Network UK rehome, regardless of their age

  • The option for all new carers to continue onto full lifetime cover, there is no obligation to do this

  • The opportunity to raise additional funds for Poodle Network UK. If adopters continue the free cover into a full lifetime policy, Poodle Network UK receive a commission.

When a pet is rehomed, there are many things to consider. Poodle Network UK believe that a key part to responsible ownership is pet insurance, as it allows owners to go ahead with vital veterinary treatment at the earliest point, knowing that help is there for those unexpected costs. This is why we have teamed up with Agria Pet Insurance. If the new carer agrees to us passing their details to Agria, they will receive 5 weeks free cover from Agria giving peace of mind that their Poodle is covered in the first few weeks.


From Agria Pet Insurance

Agria is one of the world’s leading animal insurers, specialising in small animal and equine insurance.

Founded in Sweden over 120 years ago, Agria came to the UK in 2009 and is now a prominent feature of the UK pet insurance industry. In the UK, Agria insures cats, dogs and Rabbits.

From its early creation, Agria quickly recognised the importance of working closely with the veterinary profession and has done so since insuring its first horse in 1890 and its first dog in 1924.

Agria also became a keen world wide supporter of numerous voluntary organisations endeavouring to promote the welfare of animals, forging special relationships with the British Kennel Club in their promotion of dog health, and the equivalent efforts of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) for cats.

Collaborations with other animal organisations have helped Agria remain at the cutting edge of animal health development and co-operative engagement will remain a major component in our future growth.

Lifetime Insurance Solutions

Agria offer insurance products for cats and dogs. Our lifetime commitment means that veterinary fees cover is reinstated every year that the insurance policy renews.

Even if a client has made a claim from us in the previous year, their maximum benefit will be reapplied and they can continue to claim. This means that on-going conditions can be covered, even if the condition lasts for the whole of the pet’s life.


If you would like to speak to somebody at Agria about your pet insurance needs, please call them on Tel: 0333 030 1000, or visit them at but remember to tell them you came through from Poodle Network UK!


Please note: Poodle Network UK cannot recommend Agria Insurance for your individual needs. We suggest carrying out research before purchasing pet insurance, to make sure the policy meets your requirements.  If you insure your pet with Agria by continuing to a paid policy with them, Poodle Network UK will financially benefit from commission on your policy which will go towards the on-going costs of caring for our Poodles.

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