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Proudly Sponsoring PNUK

At Activul we believe in happy healthy dogs and we are proud to be associated with Poodle Network UK. The work which Poodle Network UK carries out across the UK rescuing and rehoming poodles is vitally important and that's why we think they need some support. 


Rescued dogs often require a special diet and this is where Activul's balanced nutrition can really help. We have a range of recipes in our collections including Grain Free, Natural and Premium. Each has a specific qualities which can be matched to size, life stage or life style for our best friends. We trully believe that Poodle Network UK couldn't get a more rounded, or suitable food for all of our friends which they rescue.



Activul Hypoallergenic Premium is a recipe formulated for dogs with special dietary requirements. It is wheat and gluten free and is therefore suitable for dogs with sensitivities to these ingredients. 


Activul Grain Free recipe has been developed without grain for those who are sensitive to those kinds of ingredients. It's natural and balanced recipe has a high meat content as an excellent source of protein and for fantastic flavour!


Activul Natural recipe contains a single source of protein and is prepared with fresh meat. It is hypoallergenic so does not contain wheat, gluten, soy or dairy. Activul Natural is designed to be gentle on your dog's digestion.


All of our recipes comprise of the very best nutrition for all stages of life and lifestyles of your pet no matter how sensitive they may be. 


Our range is made in the UK, in Europe’s most advanced and environmentally sustainable pet food manufacturing facility which produces some of the world’s finest pet foods. We believe than you cannot find a tastier or better value dry dog food. Let your pet be the judge.


Activul has been produced by leading pet food nutritionists who have developed some of the finest dried dog food available today! Made with nothing but the finest raw ingredients, Activul offers a range of dog foods catering for all dogs from puppies to older, less active dogs. 


Activul's collections include food which has been specially developed to be holistic and promote the wellbeing of your best friend. Your best friend doesn't have to be a rescue dog to enjoy Activul as we cater for all shapes and sizes. If you think your dog would like to try some Activul then click the Activul logo above and it it will take you straight to our website. We look forward to welcoming you. 



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