So you want to give a Poodle a Forever Home?

Poodle Network UK currently rehomes about 200 Poodles a year and the numbers are growing. Nevertheless, we always have more people wanting Poodles than we have poodles needing homes.


It is important to remember when rehoming one of our Poodles, they may have issues of which we are aware and need working on, and they may have issues which we are not aware of.  Rehoming a Poodle takes love, dedication, time and training, it is not a shortcut to receiving a fully housetrained, obedient dog.  No two households will have the same rules or expectations from their Poodles and they need to be retrained to your household which often takes longer than training a puppy as previous behaviour has to be 'unlearned'.  We recommend attending obedience training classes for all our poodles, especially the standards, and many do well in agility classes aswell as it burns off energy and utilises their intelligence.  We will discuss known issues with you and if others come to light we are always available to talk you through how to work on the issues; as the earlier problems are worked on, the easier they are to correct.  If you are willing to undertake the work and training, you will be rewarded with a loving, well behaved companion for their lifespan.


If you would like to give one of our Poodles a home you need to complete an application form to be added to our rehoming database.  We cannot consider any application until this form is received.


We do not operate a first come first served basis, we match the Poodles to their BEST prospective home based on the information provided. How fast a match is made depends upon the poodles we have in foster or waiting for homes, how we feel the poodle and you will blend and how prescriptive your requirements are.


If we feel we have a suitable match a homecheck is arranged.  Once we receive the homecheck we review everything again as it may be the Poodle we thought was a match now isn't based on the homecheck.


Once a match is made, paperwork to transfer the Poodles care to you is completed and we arrange to move the Poodle to you.

Poodle Network UK retain the ownership of all their Poodles and regular checks are made to ensure our dogs are receiving the care they need.


Please also read the Defra Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs (link below); we expect all our Carers to abide by this and by taking a dog from us you are agreeing to this.


If you wish to be added to our rehoming database to be considered for one of our poodles, please download the form below or contact us either via the contact page or email for a form.  If you would like a form through the post, please contact us on 0300 999 7685 and we will post a form out to you.


Please note: we rarely receive any breed paperwork with our Poodles and we can only go off the information given to us by the previous owner that they are Poodles; we therefore cannot guarantee that the Poodles we rehome are purebred.

Telephone: 0300 999 7685


Registered Charity Number 1163333

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