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Poodle Network UK was founded on Sunday, 30th November 2013 by Susan Horsfall. It was apparent to Susan that there was a desperate need for a Registered Charity dedicated to the rescue of all 3 sizes of Poodle in the UK. People needing to rehome mixed sizes of Poodles had to contact different rescues and their dogs were being needlessly separated.  On that same fated evening, two puppies Hugo and Mac needed to be rehomed quickly, and they became the first rescues PNUK undertook.  


Susan’s vision was for a UK wide charity who guaranteed to take all poodles in need, care for them, rehabilitate them and rehome them with a single point of contact, so people were not being passed from branch to branch. Susan and our other Trustees & Patrons wanted all our donors to have the security and certainty that 100% of their donations went to the care and rehabilitation of the Poodles we rescued; and our registration with the Charities Commission in 2015 ensured this. 

In 2017 we were proud to be asked to Continue Ann Copage's work by incorporating her South West Poodle Rescue into Poodle Network UK.


We are now averaging 8 rehomes per week and the number is rapidly increasing.  Today PNUK has a large network of volunteers with more joining us every week, and we cover the whole of the UK. Our unpaid volunteers all share the necessary requirement of passion and love of Poodles and include a UK wide network of fundraisers, fosterers, home-checkers, dog behaviourists, vets and veterinary nurses, groomers & transporters, who together also provide the much needed skills in finance, computers, organisation and law; all of which are needed to run a successful charity.


We are a Kennel Club Registered Breed Rescue and use their recommended Anilog system to track all of our dogs throughout their life.


We have been invited to attend Crufts in 2014, 2015 & 2016 and the KC Discover Dogs in 2014, 2015,  2016, 2017 & 2018 as the Breed Rescue.


​Our Ambition

Our sole focus is the welfare of Poodles. We aim to provide a most efficient and professional service, pairing dogs with new owners, taking the dogs' needs into account. 


TV presenter, Chris Packham with Leonard.  Another wonderful Poodle proudly rescued and homed by PNUK!

Mission Statement


Poodle Network UK (PNUK) was founded to provide a UK-wide rescue for Poodles of any size. We are committed to doing our best for Poodles nationwide, not only via rescue and rehoming, but also by offering owners and potential owners advice about the breed. 

Team and Trustees

As is required to run any organisation, we have a team of people with complementary & necessary skills. It ensures the continued success of PNUK. New team members are very welcome and if you feel you can contribute to our team, please contact the Trustees.




Dr Susan Horsfall, Tracey Guthrie, Julie Aldcroft, Ethel Mills.



Team Leaders

Chair - Susan Horsfall

Hon Secretary - Tracey Guthrie

Vice Chair, Treasurer & Legal Compliance - Julie Aldcroft

Telephones – Angela Furnish

Rehoming & Foster Manager – Ethel Mills

Administration for Dogs – Ethel Mills

Fundraising Co-ordinator – Lynne Burton

Dog Co-ordinator Scotland - Roy Lamont



Madame Hayam Furgler (Wife of Mr Dominic Furgler, the Swiss Ambassador to London)

Mr Ron McAuley, Byron Kennels and Northumbria Poodle Club

Mrs Lynne Abley Burton, Artist & Photography

Miss Ann Coppage, Vulcan Kennels

Mrs Jacqueline Jessop, Lissardo Poodles



Please note: Trustees are the only people who can legally speak on behalf of Poodle Network UK Registered Charity Number 1163333.

To contact any of of Trustees, please email poodlenetworkuk@inbox.com.

Poodle Network UK Founder: Dr Susan Horsfall 

Patron: Mme Hayam Furgler. Wife to His Excellency, Dr Dominik Furgler, Swiss Ambassador to London. 

Patron: Miss Ann Coppage of South Western Poodle Rescue and owner of world famous Vulcan Kennels.  

Telephone: 0300 999 7685

Email: poodlenetworkuk@inbox.com

Registered Charity Number 1163333

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